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Tribecore Kick Sample Pack

Zero point
ZERO POINT_PMA Sample Pack.jpg



Welcome to the jungle!


With the Tribecore kick pack! Get ready for the tribal fury that meets the frantic energy of hardcore.

This pack transports you to the heart of a ruthless jungle, where roaring kicks reign supreme. Each kick is a primal call that shakes the foundations and awakens the wild instinct within you.



1_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_Silicium_200 bpm_G_Demo.png
2_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_Silex_200 bpm_G_Demo.png
3_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_PhotoElectric_200 bpm_F_Demo.png
4_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_Cosmic Origins_200 bpm_F_Demo.png
5_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_WalkOnTheRadar_200 bpm_F_Demo.png
6_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_TriangularShaped_200 bpm_F_Demo.png
7_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_SpectralFlux_200 bpm_F_Demo.png
8_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_Solar Eclipse_205 bpm_F_Demo.png
9_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_Mechanism_205 bpm_F_Demo.png
10_ZERO POINT_Hardtek Kick_KelvinScale_205 bpm_F_Demo.png

ZERO POINT Kick One-Shots

1_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_180bpm_ G_Orbit.png
2_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_185bpm_ F#_Static.png
3_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_185bpm_ F_Black hole.png
4_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_185bpm_ F_Ozone layer.png
5_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_185bpm_ G_Quark.png
6_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_190bpm_ G_ LifeChemistry.png
7_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_195bpm_ F_AbsoluteTom.png
8_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_195bpm_ F_DigitalMind.png
9_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_195bpm_ F_skyObjectif.png
10_[PMAZP] ZeroPoint_Kick & Bass_195bpm_ F_SphericalShape.png
Wave audio_00.png

The highly energetic Tribecore kicks in this pack are designed to push all boundaries. Their aggressive distortion and relentless saturation will shape endless rhythmic trances. You'll find yourself trapped in a whirlwind of frenzied beats and pounding basslines that propel you into relentless compositions.

Welcome to the sonic jungle where kicks bounce like tribal drums, and basslines growl like hungry beasts. This wild ambiance will give you an adrenaline rush and unmatched power for your most intense Tribecore productions.

Discover the toolbox inside this sample pack to shape your own Tribecore kicks! With three separate folders - Kick Transient, Kick and Bass - you have everything you need to shape unique and hard-hitting kicks.

Ready to take on the challenge of this sonic jungle? This Tribecore kick pack is your passport to unexplored musical horizons. Unleash your creativity and get ready to tame the tribal beast within you. Dive into the adventure without hesitation and prepare to take action.

Welcome to the sonic jungle where chaos reigns supreme and only the boldest survive.


Are you ready to take on the challenge?



Audio Samples

583 Sounds


.WAV 24bits


180 to 200 BPM

Instant Download


Audio WAV 

Drag & Drop

Ready To Use

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