FREE sample packs
Frenchcore Hardcore Tribecore Hardtek FreeTekno

All sample packs on this page are experimental with different quality to modulate according to your needs, compiled in pack.

I hope you will find some useful sounds for your tracks.


82 Atmosphere loops 200 bpm

RawCore Background II_.jpg

Frenchcore noise Background loops. V2

Mystikal rhythmikal1.5.jpg

MentalTekno Percu Fx & Fx Loops.

RawCore Background 1_.jpg

Frenchcore noise Background loops. V1


165 Frenchcore Audio Samples of gated noise sequence.

Surge Pressure_Demo.jpg

5 Hardtek Kick from Surge pressure soundpack.


Free Frenchcore Kick

Free Frenchcore Kick.


Free Synth Loops

Free Hardtek Synth loops.


Hard Kick Transient.

Smash the snare.jpg

136 Fat Frenchcore Snare One-Shots.


80 Free Frenchcore and Hardtek Kicks.

Vocal Animal.jpg

Sample pack of Glitchy Vocal Loops for Frenchcore/Hardtek.

Dirty Glitch.jpg

175 Free Glitch Loops / 180 Bpm.

Robotic grammar.jpg

128 Free Tribecore & Hardtek Robotic Vocal Loops.


200 Squeaky samples.


Free Samples of Old Video Game Style Ambient Loops.

Loop Syndrome.jpg

142 Free synth Loops at 200 Bpm.

Maskarade V2.png

200 Free synth loops Tribecore & Hardtek.

glitch vocal loop.png

Huge Free glitched voice pack for a crazy track!


Free Samples pack of Synth loops.

Kiwi 0.png

81 Free drum fills inside.


Free Bass loop Tribecore & Hardtek.

Hard Kube Pack 1k.png

Huge Free Samples pack.

Exode_Mechanical Hash.png

129 Free Hi-hats Loop.

Exode - Tantra.png

Preset for Tantra Multi-fx vst. 

Basi Whiplash 5x.png

Free Frenchcore open Hi-hats samples pack.

Exode - Task Zombie.png

Huge Free Hard percussions Samples pack.

Glitch 6 T'Aime.png

64 Free Frenchcore Hardtek Glitch Noise loops.

Brick Bag - Hardcore Kick.png

Free Hardcore, Hardstyle kick samples pack.


102 Free Percussion Tribecore Loops.

Glitch 6 T'Aime_V2.png

Free Frenchcore Hardtek Glitch Noise loops.

ScratchTek_Hardtek Scratch V1.png

128 Hardtek scratchs loops .

Stressed Voice 5_.png

Big free sample pack of diverse and varied voices.

Pack - Didjeridoo V2.jpg

115 tribal atmosphere loops for a Hardtek track.

Space Taxi 5X.png

Get 149 loops of Hitech noises at 210 bpm.

Shapeshifting X.png

Free pack of Fx uplifter & downlifter.

ScratchTek_Hardtek Scratch V1.png

166 Frenchcore Hardtek scratch loops 200 bpm format WAV.

Kaos Jungle.png

158 Tribecore perc top loops samples.

Bass Carpet 5.jpg

Free Bass loops Electro Hardtek.


Free pack of perc top loops.

StartDust 1000.png

107 Hardtek Tribecore Didjeridooo loops sample pack.


Frenchcore Closed Hi-hat sample pack.

Corrupted Memory 5x.jpg

106 Frenchcore background glitch loops sample pack.