Frenchcore Hardtek Hardcore FreeTekno Sample Packs


•  Includes 56 Sample Packs

•  +10 000 Audio Samples inside / +9 GB

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56 Sample Packs / +9 GB

[PMA01] Exode_Tribal Hach_Percu Top Loops
[PMA02] Exode_Mechanical Hash_Hi-hat Loops
[PMA03] Exode_Space Taxi_Glitch Loops
[PMA04] Exode_GLITCH6T'aime I
[PMA05] Exode_1.16 Action_Perc Loops (Tribecore)
[PMA06] Exode_ScratchTek I_Scratch loops (Hardtek)
[PMA07] Exode_Bass Karpet (Electro Hardtek)
[PMA08] Exode_ScratchTek II_Scratch loops (Hardtek)
[PMA09] Exode_Tantra_Presets
[PMA10] Exode_StartDust I_ Didjeridoo loops (Tribecore)
[PMA11] Exode_Kaos Jungle_Loops (Tribecore)
[PMA12] Exode_GLITCH6T'aime II
[PMA13] Exode_Corrupted Memory_Glitch loops
[PMA14] Exode_Basic Whiplash_HiHat Loops (Frenchcore)
[PMA15] Exode_Task Zombie_HardPerc_One-Shots
[PMA16] Exode_Brick Bag_Hardcore Kick
[PMA17] Exode_Tik-Tak_CloseHat Loops (Frenchcore)
[PMA18] Exode_Shapeshifting_Fx Down & Up
[PMA19] Exode_Space Module_Drone Athmos
[PMA20] Exode_Stressed Voice (Frenchcore.Hardcore)
[PMA21] Exode_Hard kube (Hard pack)
[PMA22] Exode_StartDust II_Didjeridoo (Tribecore)
[PMA23] Exode_Kiwi Drum Fills
[PMA24] Exode_Pump_OffBeat Bass (Hardtek)
[PMA25] Exode_Maskarade Synthétik I_Synth Loops
[PMA26] Exode_Vocal Glitch Loops
[PMA27] Exode_Maskarade Synthétik II_Synth Loops
[PMA28] Exode_Loop Syndrome_Synth Loops (Hardtek
[PMA29] Exode_Alien-Nation_Hitech Noise Loops
[PMA30] Exode_Dirty Glitch_Loops (Tribecore)
[PMA31] Exode_Robotic Grammar (Tribecore)
[PMA32] Exode_Vocals Animal_Loops (Frenchcore)
[PMA33] Exode_KICK-O-MATIK_Frenchcore.Hardtek Kick
[PMA34] Exode_Smash The Snare II (Frenchcore)
[PMA35] Exode_TokTok_Kick Transient (Frenchcore)
[PMA36] Exode_Bug in the game_Old Game Sound loops
[PMA37] Exode_Pixeltech_Synth Loops (Hardtek)
[PMA38] Exode_Gatorminator_Gated Noise Loops (Frenchcore)
[PMA39] Exode_Rawcore Background (I)_Loops
[PMA40] Exode_Mystikal Rhythmikal_Percu Fx Loops (MentalTek)
[PMA41] Exode_Rawcore Background (II)_Loops
[PMA42] Exode_Pteranodon_Atmosphere Loops
[PMA43] Exode_Syntax Error_Raw Glitch Loops

[PMA44] Exode_DrumSeed_Frenchcore Drum Loops

[PMA45] Exode_Noise Factory I_Frenchcore Noise Loops

[PMA46] Exode_Vocal Factory I_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA47] Exode_Vocal Factory II_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA48] Exode_Vocal Factory III_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA49] Exode_Vocal Factory IV_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA50] Exode_Vocal Factory V_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA51] Exode_Vocal Factory VI_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA52] Exode_Vocal Factory VII_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA53] Exode_Vocal Factory VIII_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA54] Exode_Vocal Factory IX_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA55] Exode_Vocal Factory X_Frenchcore Vocal Loops

[PMA56] Exode_Radio Silence (MentalTekno) 

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Suitable for styles like:


•  Frenchcore

•  Hardcore

•  Tribecore

•  HardTek

•  MentalTekno

•  FreeTekno


Technical Specification:

•  9.6 GB - 10600 Files

•  WAV Formats

•  Royalty-Free


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