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GNOSIS - Frenchcore Kick Sample Pack.jpg


Frenchcore Kick Sample Pack



Label: Prima Materia Audio

Genre: Frenchcore / Hardcore Techno

Producer: Exode

✔️ 100 Frenchcore Kicks

✔️ Loops and One-Shots

✔️ WAV Audio File

✔️ Instant Download After Purchase

✔️ 100% Royalty Free

Tags: Sample Pack, Frenchcore, Hardcore Techno, One-Shots, Kick, Wav, Loops, Synths, Drums

<< GNOSIS >> 


"Dive into the digital sound landscape with 'GNOSIS.' After decrypting your sonic vault, enjoy an instant download and a 100% royalty-free algorithm. This sonic journey uncovers 777 MB of WAV audio files, operating at 48 kHz / 24 bits. Embark on an odyssey through chaotic glitches and serene bytes, creating a sonic landscape perfect for your Frenchcore gaming compositions.

Sonic Arsenal:

  • Frenchcore Kicks (One-Shots): 100 kicks, designed for maximum destruction.

  • Frenchcore Kicks ToolBox (One-Shots): 160 kicks, 115 kick transients, and 160 bass hits to make your own kicks

Bonus Sonic Artillery:

  • 129 Hi-Hat loops for relentless rhythmic strikes.

  • 250 percussive shots for explosive impact.

  • 151 effects sweeps for dynamic dissonance.

  • 136 snares, heavy artillery for thunderous percussion.

  • 199 rhythmic foundations for war.

  • Kick FX : 73 loops for chaotic kicks.

  • Thunderous Low Percussion (One-Shots): 127 powerful low percussion shots for sonic impact.

  • Vocals: 71 vocal elements for a touch of humanity.

  • Kick Fills Explosions: 116 loops for impactful transitions.

  • Hi-Hats (One-Shots): 64 hi-hats for rhythmic intensity.

  • 31 synth Loops for chaos.

  • Vocal Chaos Glitch: 50 loops for glitchy vocal effects.


Tactical Flexibility:

  • WAV files at 24-Bit / 48 kHz / delivering battlefield precision.

  • Size: 777 MB, a toolbox of 2109 files.

  • Compatibility: Battle-ready for all DAWs, instant integration into your sonic strategy.

  • Precision Labels: Key & Tempo commands for surgical strikes.

  • BPM Range: 180 to 215, syncing with the heartbeat of war.

  • Instant Deployment: Download instantly post-purchase.


Embark on a journey of immediate sonic access and creative mastery with 'GNOSIS.' Upon your acquisition, indulge in an instant download and an unwavering 100% royalty-free. 'GNOSIS' transcends the typical sample pack experience – it's your extraordinary arsenal for musical creativity.


Download now and gear up for an unstoppable sonic revolution.


6_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Pogona Vitticeps_215 Bpm_F_Demo.png

Listen to audio previews from this sample pack

2_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Scarites subterraneus_210 bpm_G_Demo.png
10_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Mesotopus Tarandus_210 Bpm_F_Demo.png
3_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Sarada Deccanensis_210_G_Demo.png
7_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Sericotrupes_215 Bpm_F_Demo.png
4_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Novapus Obscurus_210 Bpm_F_Demo.png
8_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Goliathus Africanus_200 Bpm_F_Demo.png
5_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Anolis Sagrei_210 Bpm_G_Demo.png
9_Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_Mastododera Nodicollis_205 Bpm_E_Demo.png


1-[EPMA01] Gnosis_Kick & Bass_190 bpm_  Carabus_E_Shot.png
6-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_205bpm_Japalura_F_Shot.png
2-[EPMA01] Gnosis_Kick & Bass_190 bpm_  Sacontala_D#_Shot.png
7-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_205bpm_Odontotrypesmaedai(1step)_F_Shot.png
3-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_190bpm_Catopidae_E_Shot.png
8-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_205bpm_Otocryptisnigristigma(Long)._F_Shot.png
4-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_190bpm_Curculionidae_E_Shot.png
5-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_190bpm_MagicusHarold_F_Shot.png
9-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_210bpm_Philoscaphus(Long)_E_Shot.png
10-Gnosis_Frenchcore Kick_210bpm_Prosopocoilus(Long)_F_Shot.png


  • WAV Audio File 48 kHz / 24-Bit 

  • 777 MB  Unzipped

  • 2109 files

  • Compatible With All DAWs

  • Key & Tempo-Labelled

  • 180 to 215 BPM

  • Instant Download After Purchase

  • 100% Royalty Free


  • 100 Frenchcore Kicks (One-Shots)

  • 160 Kicks / Frenchcore Kick Toolbox (One-Shots)

  • 115 Kick Transients  / Frenchcore Kick Toolbox (One-Shots)

  • 160 Bass  / Frenchcore Kick Toolbox (One-Shots)


  • 129 Hi-Hat Loops 

  • 250 HardPercs (One-Shots)

  • 151 FX Sweep Up & Down 

  • 136 Snares (One-Shots)

  • 199 Drum Loops

  • 73 Kicks FX Loops

  • 127 Low Percussions (One-Shots)

  • 71 Vocals 

  • 116 Kick Fills Loops

  • 64 Hi-Hats (One-Shots)

  • 31 Synth Loops

  • 50 Vocal Glitch Loops

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