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Frenchcore Kick Sample Pack

Prima Materia
Prima Materia - Sample Pack_.jpg



The primitive substance in action!


Immerse yourself in an explosive universe where sound raw material turns into an electric discharge of devastating Frenchcore.



01_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Variscite_205 bpm_G.png
02_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Apatite_205 bpm_G.png
03_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Anhydrite_210 bpm_G.png
04_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Titanite_210 bpm_G.png
05_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Talc_210 bpm_G.png
06_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Staurolite_210 bpm_F.png
06_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Staurolite_210 bpm_F.png
08_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Gadolinite_210 bpm_D#.png
09_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Bornite_210 bpm_A.png
10_PRIMA MATERIA_Frenchcore Kick_Chrysoberyl_215 bpm_E.png


1_[EPMA03] D#_Frenchcore Kick_210_BPM_Ferrocolumbite_.png
2_[EPMA03] E_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_ Chromite_.png
3_[EPMA03] E_Frenchcore Kick_215_BPM_ Epidote_.png
4_[EPMA03] F#_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_Hydrozincite_.png
5_[EPMA03] F_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_ Fuchsite_.png
6_[EPMA03] F_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_ Kyanite.png
7_[EPMA03] F_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_ Limonite_.png
8_[EPMA03] F_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_ Nephrite_.png
9_[EPMA03] F_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_ Rhodochrosite_.png
10_[EPMA03] A_Frenchcore Kick_200_BPM_ Beryl_.png

This sample pack is your ultimate arsenal for unleashing sound madness. With kicks of unprecedented intensity, every strike will be felt deep in your gut and shake the foundation. Whether you are on stage or in the studio, these samples will propel you into another musical dimension.

In the PRIMA MATERIA pack each sample has been carefully created and selected to capture the raw essence of Frenchcore. Open the magical toolbox of this sample pack and forge bespoke Frenchcore kicks! With the Kick Transient, Kick, and Bass folders at your disposal, you'll be equipped to shape your own kicks and unleash a tornado of devastatingly powerful kicks.


You will discover devastating kicks ready to be injected into your productions. Push convention, unleash your unbridled imagination and create earth-shaking Frenchcore tracks.

Don't miss the chance to grab hold of the PRIMA MATERIA sample pack and get ready to unleash the sonic apocalypse!

Wave audio_00.png


Audio Samples

469 Sounds


.WAV 24bits


180 to 215 BPM

Instant Download


Audio WAV 

Drag & Drop

Ready To Use

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