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Frenchcore Kick Sample Pack By Exode



✔️ 100 Frenchcore Kicks

✔️ Tok.Kick.Bass

✔️ Bpm & Key Labeled

✔️ Instant Download

✔️ 100 Frenchcore Kicks

✔️ 100 Toks

✔️ 100 Kicks

✔️ 100 Bass

✔️ 200 / 210 Bpm

✔️ 48 MB - 408 Files

✔️ Wav 

✔️ Frenchcore / Hardcore

Get ready to elevate your Frenchcore tracks with DIGITAL ANTIDOTE a sample pack featuring 100 punchy Frenchcore Kicks and a toolkit for crafting your own unique Kicks. With a range of audio samples spanning 200 to 210 Bpm and clear Bpm and key labeling for each sample. DIGITAL ANTIDOTE makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your music. And with the included toolbox, you can effortlessly create a multitude of variations for your next dirty tracks. All audio files are organized into folders and labeled with Bpm and key information for easy browsing.



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